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Damm Garrison House

Founded by explorers named Hilton in 1623, Dover is one of the nation's oldest settlements, and proud of that reputation. Once one of the world's largest cotton manufacturing towns, Dover was the site of the first woman's factory strike in the 1800s. Today Dover has a number of intriguing historic sites including the must-see Woodman Institute, the nation's oldest surviving garrison, and the home of Lucy Hale (sweetheart of John Wilke's Booth) and her father JP Hale, the country's first abolitionist senator. Among the performers this July is the well known Irish folk singer Tommy Makem of Dover making a rare appearance.

FRIDAY, JULY 3, 1998
Opening Night of the Cochecho Arts Festival
and the 375th Celebration
6:00 PM Bell Center
Concert Band
Cocheco Falls Courtyard
7:00 PM 39th Army Band Cocheco Falls Courtyard
10:00-4:00 PM Cultural Fair Henry Law Park
10:00-2:00 PM Religious Heritage Tours Dover Houses of Worship
6:00 PM Garrison Players
Musical Interpretation of Dover's History
Cocheco Falls Courtyard
7:00 PM Factory Girls
A Contemporary Dance
Cocheco Falls Courtyard
SUNDAY, JULY 5, 1998
2:00 PM 375th Parade Central Avenue
4:15 - 5:45 PM Carey-Ann Cyr Henry Law Park
2:00 PM 375th Parade Central Avenue
6:00 - 7:00 PM Eugene Byrne Henry Law Park
7:45 - 9:15 PM Tommy Makem Henry Law Park
9:15 PM Fireworks Garrison Hill

Information Courtesy of the Dover Chamber of Commerce

Photo of Damm Garrison (1675) courtesy of The Thom Hindle Collection. from an original hand-colored glass negative. Dover Links:

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