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HM Endeavour Visit Details
September 3, 1998

PORTSMOUTH -- Four local people will have the opportunity to sail aboard Endeavour from Bedford, Mass. to Portsmouth--a five-day cruise. Those interested may submit a one-page essay for consideration. The Piscataqua Maritime Commission board will pick the four from the submissions. Applicants must be fit, over 18 years old, and able to pay half the cost of the berth ($375)--the other half is given as a scholarship by the Endeavour Foundation. Those interested must be able to be at the briefing in New Bedford on Sept. 6 and spend all 5 days aboard the ship.

Shipkeeping berths are available for organized groups of young people ages 16 and older (with a supervisor). This is an opportunity to sleep aboard the Endeavour and provide overnight security by keeping regular watches. Call (603) 431-SHIP to book shipkeeping berths.

School tours are available from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily (groups of 30 children every half hour). Reservations are required in advance. Those educators and teachers interested in school tours may call (603) 431-SHIP to book school tours.

Endeavour Memorabilia is now available at local downtown shops (T-shirts, buttons, tote bags and a crystal beverage mug). Commemorative, limited-edition pewter plates will also be available when the Endeavour arrives. Those who would like to order in advance may forward payment to: Piscataqua Maritime Commission, P.O. Box 545, Portsmouth NH 03802. Cost is $129.95 per plate. A portion of the cost will go toward funding future tall ship visits.

375th Blue Ribbon Committee
June 30 1998


PORTSMOUTH -- Now Portsmouth residents can wear their heritage proudly. The 375th Celebration Committee announced today, that items bearing the official insignia of the 375th Celebration are now on sale. According to Chairman Joanne Grasso, a limited number T-shirts and tote bags will be available at the City Clerk's office at City Hall in Portsmouth and at the Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce.

T-shirts include the colorful official logo donated by Brown & Company with the slogan "A Celebration of History: 1623-1998." The logo not only promotes the "Greater Seacoast" celebration, but also includes the word "Portsmouth" in bold letters. Souvenirs were prepared and oprganized by committee member Terry Eaton.

The T-shirt sells for $12 and is available in cream or gray. The tote bag is available for $10. Grasso says there is also a small colorful decal for one dollar, plus a bumper sticker for two dollars. All proceeds go toward the Portsmouth 375th Celebration.

Volunteers on the 375th Committee will be selling items at a booth on Parrott Ave near the JFK Recreation Center on July 3, the evening of the Portsmouth Fireworks display.

For more information on these items and to see a calendar of upcoming events, readers may visit the web site or call Tina Sagris at City Hall at 431-2006 ext. 240.

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Portsmouth 375th Committee
June 1998


PORTSMOUTH -- Readers the world over can now track the progress of the Portsmouth 375th celebration on-line through a new web page, Joanne Grasso announced today. Grasso is chairman of the Mayor's 375th Blue Ribbon Committee.

The web site ( will keep Internet viewers up-to-date on events as they occur. The site, donated by J. Dennis Robinson of Ideaworks and Tim Dubuque of Online Marketing Strategies, also provides direct access to over 200 articles on local history, daily news, weather for outdoor events and places to visit in the Seacoast region. The site includes a complete calendar of 375th events coordinated by the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce. Planned special features include photos of the USS Constitution during its three earlier visits to Portsmouth in the 1850s, 1890s and in 1931. A section of local Early Images and old postcards is also in production.

Grasso reminds world wide web enthusiasts that the 375th celebration is not a single event, but an amalgam of dozens and dozens of history-related events occurring throughout 1998. Highlight events, like the planned tall ship visit of the Endeavour will receive special sections on the web site, Grasso says. Whether or not "Old Ironsides" arrives, readers can trace the history of the frigate in Portsmouth Harbor from a special section of the 375th site ( Dennis Robinson, a local writer, supplies daily personal comments in a "375th Diary" that began on January 1, 1998 and will continue through this historic year.

Grasso notes that organizations planning history-related events in the Seacoast should contact Charlene of the Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce at 436-3988. The 375th web site can also be reached from the homepage of the new City of Portsmouth web site ( The 375th web page is also accessible via the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce site

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375th Blue Ribbon Committe
May 22, 1998


PORTSMOUTH -- Thanks to Piscataqua Savings Bank, Portsmouth's 375th Celebration has found its summer voice in the popular Shaw Brothers. Joanne Grasso, chairman of the 375th Committee, announced today that a "Homecoming" Concert will be held at Prescott Park at 8 pm on July 21 featuring the popular NH folk duo.

"The Shaw Brothers wanted to help with this special celebration," Grasso said, "and we are thrilled and proud to have them back in Portsmouth."

Historically, the "homecoming" idea was introduced into Portsmouth tradition around 1850 with former Portsmouth lawyer Daniel Webster in attendance. The "return of the sons and daughters" became a popular Portsmouth event during the second half of the 19th century. This may be the origin of the former New Hampshire Homecoming Day holiday. The 375th anniversary is a celebration of local history.

Piscataqua Savings Bank of Portsmouth, founded in 1877, has thrived through one-third of the region's entire recorded history. The bank, which is sponsoring the Homecoming Concert, has even incorporated the phrase "The Hometown Advantage" into its promotional materials due to its long local history.

Although not quite as long-lived, Rick and Ron Shaw have been performing since the 1960s, and have been described as "New Hampshire's musical ambassadors to the world." With eleven record albums, the Shaw Brothers are perhaps best known for their songs "New Hampshire Naturally" and for "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" recorded in 1972 as part of the Hillside Singers group.

The concert will be free to the public. Donations will be accepted at the gate.

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375th Blue Ribbon Committe
May 25, 1998


PORTSMOUTH -- The City of Portsmouth has adopted a colorful logo to honor its ongoing 375th anniversary celebration. Created by Brown & Company, a Portsmouth graphic design firm, the logo depicts the familiar North Church steeple in Market Square. Vendors who wish to create memorabilia honoring the anniversary are invited to apply for use of the official logo.

"We want as many people as possible to see and enjoy this splendid image," says Tylene Jousse, chairman of the 375th Memorabilia Committee." According to Jousse, vendors who wish to create high quality items for sale may license the logo for a small fee. The fee for items such as T-shirts, plates, buttons will be used toward further promotion of the event. Nonprofit agencies may use the logo as a fundraiser at no charge.

"Our job is to make sure the logo is reproduced accurately and to make sure the items befit the occasion," Jousse says. "For their fee, vendors will be given exclusive use for their particular item." Production, marketing and distribution will be left up to the vendors, Jousse adds. The 375th events run to the end of 1998 and include the planned arrival of the USS Constitution and tall ship Endeavour.

The committee has been reviewing applications from vendors wishing to use the official image. Mary Jo Brown, of Brown & Company, donated both the image and the proceeds it may raise. The "Greater Seacoast 375th" banner on the logo honors nearby settlements from as early as 1623. A curled ocean wave indicates local maritime heritage and the slogan below reads: "A Celebration of History." A combination of blue, yellow, red, gold and black, the sophisticated design is easily recognizable.

Jousse stresses that the City is not in the business of buying or selling souvenirs, but is interested in hearing from local entrepreneurs and nonprofit agencies who want to display the logo on products. She stresses that local organizations and businesses may want to use the logo to promote the Greater Portsmouth region during 1998.

Those interested should contact Jousse by first calling Tina Sagris at City Hall right away at 603-431-2006 ext. 240.

Note to Print and Internet Media: A full-color or black & white digital image of the official 375th logo is available on disk or by e-mail transfer for media use only. To obtain a copy of the logo for your publication, contact Tom Cocchiaro at The Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce 603-436-3988 or via e-mail at

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Contact Sarah Hamilton
603-430-8600 x17

May 18, 1998

PORTSMOUTH -- The Redhook Ale Brewery is donating the cost of printing 25, 000 neck hangers, that were designed by Brown & Company in Portsmouth, as a contribution to Portsmouth's celebration of its 375th Birthday. Redhook created the neck hanger, a very effective marketing tool that hangs right on the necks of our bottles, to be distributed throughout the eastern half of the country as a means of promoting tourism in the Seacoast area.

  • 15,000 of these neck hangers will be placed on Redhook bottles all over New England with the help of our fabulous friends at Anheuser-Busch.
  • On May l2,1998, we began placing l0,000 neck hangers in every case of beer that is produced here at the Redhook Ale Brewery in Portsmouth.

    The Redhook Ale Brewery chose to locate our brewery in Portsmouth, NH for some very important reasons:
    I . The commitment that this brewery brings to distribution helps us offer fresh beer to the east coast. We are the only craft brewer to have breweries on both sides of the country.
    2. Portsmouth's historical role in the brewing industry. At one point in time, Portsmouth was the pre-prohibition ale capital of the United States.
    3. The mineral contents in the water here are similar to those in Seattle. This is important to maintain the consistency of our ales.
    4. Portsmouth's proximity to Interstate 95 provides easy accessibility to our customers , both tourists & our distributors.

    Red Hook is also sponsoring the 375th Kickoff Celebration on May 29, 1998, at the Governor Langdon House in Portsmouth, as well as the 375th Birthday cruise to view the MSS Endeavor on September 18, 1998.

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