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Time Capsule Fired into Future
Thursday Morning, October 15, 1998
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Read "Letter to 2123 AD" and "Amanda Goes to Seaport World"

Time Capsule Photo

Time capsule waits patiently near old bicycle display in Portsmouth Historical Society Museum. It does not even appear nervous. Its ritual burial is part of city's 375th anniversary. Barring Armageddon, the capsule is to be opened at 11 am, October 17, 2123 AD.

Time Capsule Photo

Society trustee Richard Haynes checks his watch. It is 9am. Time for final photographs

Time Capsule Photo

John Paul Jones House "interpreters" assemble on lawn for family portrait. This picture was included in the capsule with 100 lbs. of books, magazines, newspapers, trinkets, letters, magnetic media, souvenirs. Each docent wrote a short letter to the future.

Time Capsule Photo

Your web site editor scrupulously checks out the launch pad. Yup! Everything looks A-OK for blast off to the year 2123 AD when Portsmouth will be 500 years old.


Photos by J. Dennis Robinson
© 1998 SeacocastNH.com

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