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Awards & Kudos

  • 2001: "In Appreciation" - Pro Portsmouth
  • 2000: "Best Site for Visitors" from"
  • 2000: "US Post Office "Diversity Award"
  • 1999: "Best Community Web Site" from Interface Monthly
  • 1999: "Best NH Site for Visitors" from
  • 1998: Our Editor Wins Mayor's Award
  • 1998: Wins Chamber President's Award
  • 1998: Discovery Channel Web Site, Best on the Net Award
  • 1997: Money Magazine Selects

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    NE Map You Are Here!

    We may be the smallest seacoast in America, but we're feisty. This little blip of coastline has 400 years of history just waiting to be told. Today the region is a tourist Mecca, a cultural hot spot, a scenic dreamscape and a business boom.

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    The Big Picture

    Fly over Seacoast NH and you'll see the network of rivers that were once Indian and colonial highways. For a region first settled in the 1620s, we believe the area is one of the least spoiled, most fascinatingly diverse areas of the country. You can easily see it in a day -- or study it for a lifetime. Roads and highways move people quickly, perhaps too quickly. Our goal is to present Seacoast NH as an oasis along the information highway. You can gulp down a few facts or take a long slow drink. The more you know, we think, the more you will want to know. A little learning, the poet says, is a dangerous thing. We hope to draw you in, as we have been drawn, to a most unique place. Stay long enough and you may find a whole new way of looking at things.

    We believe there are distinct connections between the rapid tides of the Piscataqua, the region's little known history and the modern rise of local arts, renewed economy and continued tourism. We believe these connections must be understood, preserved and nurtured -- for residents, visitors and the children of both. We think technology provides us with a new way to present this most complex picture. And we believe that, as the picture becomes clearer, bit by bit, that we will find the resources to "grow" a most amazing web site. All we have to do is tell the stories well.

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    Navigation Tips

    About tutorial image

    1. HOME
    The lighthouse is your guide. It will always take you back to home base. Watch the changing colors in the sky to get your bearings. Each section is color coded.
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    There are currently four ways to visit from the homepage.

    • HISTORY: Discover six historic eras
    • ARTS: Get to know local artists and their work
    • TOURING: Explore local sites and events
    • BUSINESS: Visit the local business community
    When you arrive at these four 'key site' homepages the top four navigation buttons will become:
    • WEB MAP: You can reach any page on the site in two clicks by using this outline map. Experienced visitors will find it very handy.
    • WHAT'S NEW: Check frequently for new additions to the site in your favorite category.
    • TALK TO US: Your chance to give us your views. offer corrections or new info, ask questions of our panel of experts, sign up for our e-mail newsletter, or join a local organization.
    • SEACOAST STORE: Don't just sit there, buy something! Watch items change as we develop the first and only on-line catalog of local products.

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    Look for yellow highlighted sections inside each section.
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    4. SPONSOR
    Click to our sponsor sites or view the Sponsor Directory. These are the people who make it all happen.
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    5. SITE MAP
    You can reach any page on the site in two clicks by using this outline map. Experienced visitors will find it very handy.
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    Once inside a section, watch for the clickable bookmark menu listing more pages you can visit. In the History segment, watch for Theme Sites (e.g. John Paul Jones, Brewster's Rambles from 1850, or sites dedicated to women's, black and native American history).
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    Some essays have clickable "in-page navigation" or source listings. You may be able to buy original source books and materials by clicking on the reference.
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    Click on pictures and photos. Many will show you greater detail and info. Some will allow you to send an instant e-mail. Some may even be the key to secret prizes.
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    9. BODY COPY
    Many essays contain embedded text links. For best results, read the main essay first to get an overview. Then click in deeper for detail.
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    10. TOP OF PAGE
    A quick way to bounce back up to the top of the page for further navigation.
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    At the bottom of all content pages, text links can help you navigate to other parts of the site even with graphics turned off.
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    12. BACK TO HOME
    Clicking here will always take you back to the main homepage.
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    At the bottom of every content page you will find out how to get in touch with us in a variety of ways; snail mail, phone, e-mail, FAX. Use the clickable e-mail to send us an impromptu message, request, complaint, complement, etc.
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    14. SEARCH
    From the compass and text links on many pages you can search our on-line database for info on Bookmark this page and you can also use it to search the WWW.
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    * Hot Links may take you out of If you find yourself off in another world, click the "Back" button on your web browser software.

    ** Be sure to bookmark our site and return often.

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    Who We Are

    Us For more on web site
    development services, click here.

    J. Dennis Robinson is a writer, lecturer and owner of the video production company Ideaworks. A graduate of UNH, he has been trying to understand his attraction to this region for almost thirty years. This web site is one more tilt at that windmill.

    Tim Dubuque was an Occupational Therapist, instructor, and rehab technologist before the internet and the Seacoast called him to a higher place. Today he is our webmeister, techno-guru and design central.

    Our logo is by illustrator Robert Squier from a concept by Ideaworks.

    Our home page design is by Brown & Company in collaboration with Ideaworks.

    For info on web development by Click here.

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