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David Petty David Petty, like many before him, is drawn to the way light strikes the old buildings of the Seacoast. He finds himself rising early, to catch the architecture before people arrive on the scene. Our first Photo Gallery of the year is a work-in-progress, an evolving book of black and white images that Dave works on when not serving his commercial advertising clients.

Dave's bold straight-ahead vision brings a fresh new eye to these old Seacoast buildings. Compare them to Victorian images of the Davis Brothers and others. You'll see much unchanged, yet much to learn. Dave was initiated into Hi-Tech photography, so this collection is a fascinating departure for a man with 15 years experience as a commercial craftsman. He currently maintains a studio in Hampstead, New Hampshire.

Photo Gallery is a regular feature of Remember, all images belong to the photographers and may be used or copied only with their permission. All Gallery artists are professionals and may be contacted by sending an e-mail to this web site.

Click on thumbnails to see expanded version of each image. You may view the entire Gallery by using the slide show function at the bottom of each page.

To meet other photographers, see the Gallery Archives.

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All photographs:
© 1998
All individual images are the property of David Petty.

Our other seacoast photographers:

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  • Various Artists - Newburyport & Plum Island

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