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Early Images of
Portsmouth's Warner House

Warner House
The MacPhaedris-Warner still stands on its original site (currently Daniel Street) not far from the Memorial Bridge, St. John's Chapel and the river. It is one of the best preserved examples of early Georgian brick mansions in New England, and is open to the public each summer. (Early penny postcard image of the exterior courtesy Portsmouth Public Library)

Warner House
This superb image of the Warner House is from the 1902 booklet "Vignettes of Portsmouth" by Helen Pearson. It is part of a collection of pencil sketches used in the book now in the collection of the Portsmouth Public Library.

Early House
This drawing of the house appeared in Harpers in 1895 to illustrate the magazine version of Thomas Bailey Aldrich's "Old Town By the Sea." The house was an early residence of British Royal Governor Benning Wentworth and is supposed to have a lightning rod installed by Ben Franklin himself.

Inside Warner House
An 1890s photo of the inside of the Warner House from stereoscopic card image by the Davis Brothers.The grandeur of the inside is in contrast to the shack in the back, now gone, where the slaves of the house lived. At least three of the owners practiced slavery. (Courtesy Portsmouth Athenaeum)

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Warner House in "Brewster's Rambles"

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