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Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail
Site #2
Stoodley's Tavern
Hancock Street at Strawbery Banke

Paul Revere James Stoodley's Tavern, built in 1761, was a gathering place of Revolutionary patriots and a destination of Paul Revere's visit in 1774. It was also a site of colonial auctions of bulk goods, and sometimes enslaved people-specifically a man, a girl of 17, and another man who was advertised as having "been with the English 2 years." Stoodley owned two enslaved people, whom he called Frank and Flora. He also owned an expensive pew in North Church plus additional seating for Frank and Flora in the upper gallery. Sometime after the Revolution, Flora appears to have attained her freedom. She married Cyrus Bruce, a freed slave in the employ of Governor John Langdon.

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Photo by Ralph Morang
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