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Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail
Site #22
Rosary's Beauty Shop
171 Washington Street

Rosary Cooper Rosary Broxay Cooper came to Portsmouth from Florida as a children's nurse to the Merrill family who owned a hotel in Ogunquit. In 1938 she married Portsmouth native Owen Finnegan Cooper. In World War II he served as a master sergeant in the 509th, Quartermaster Division, in Europe. Rosary operated a 20-ton crane at Portsmouth naval Shipyard. After the war, they returned to a segregated world. Finnegan worked as a messenger at city hall. Rosary became Portsmouth's first licensed black beautician and hairdresser. She operated her shop and a boarding house for black people here in their sixteen-room home. Retired and widowed, Mrs. Cooper volunteered on behalf of the NH Soldiers' Home and the VFW Orphans' Home until her death in 1997.

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