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Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail
Site #6
Macphaedris - Warner House
corner of Daniel and Chapel Streets

Warner House Among the white colonial occupants of this 1716 brick house were its builder Archibald Macphaedris, royal governor Benning Wentworth and merchant Jonathan Warner. But it was also home to at least eight slaves. Macphaedris enslaved a girl and three men, Prince, Nero and Quamino. Jonathan Warner's slaves were said to have lived in a small wooden house which stood behind the brick house. Two, Cato and Peter, were among 20 African men who signed a petition to the legislature in 1779 to abolish slavery. A third, John Jack, married a woman named Phyllis. In 1792 she purchased land in Greenland NH, and in 1796, at their new home there, John and Phyllis harbored Ona Judge Staines, a fugitive woman who had escaped enslavement in the Philadelphia household of George and Martha Washington.

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Photo Courtesy of Valerie Cunningham
For more on the Warner House today visit Warner Historical House
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