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Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail®
A Self-Guided Walking Tour

Why Black History?

Portsmouth, New Hampshire has been home to Africans and African-Americans for more than 350 years. This Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail guide takes the reader to a selection of sites where Portsmouth's black residents lived, worked, prayed and celebrated. It tells stories omitted from three centuries of white historical narrative.

Upon examination we find that against the odds of early enslavement and subsequent marginalization, Africans and their descendants built communities and families, founded institutions, and served their town, state and nation in many capacities.

Black culture informed and transformed American Popular culture. The black presence made other Americans describe themselves as white. The black civil rights movement remains a model for other marginalized Americans and an inspiration to the world. In brief, black history is American history-black history is everyone's history.

Stops on the Trail

  1. The Wharf -- Prescott Park
  2. Stoodley's Tavern -- Hancock Street
  3. Sherburne House -- Strawbery Banke Museum
  4. William Pitt Tavern -- Court Street
  5. Site of New Hampshire Gazette Printing Office
  6. Macphraedris - Warner House
  7. St. John's Church -- Chapel St
  8. North Church -- Market Square
  9. Site of Town Pump and Stocks
  10. Site of Negro Burial Ground
  11. Moffatt-Ladd House
  12. Site of the Whipple Home
  13. Samuel Penhallow House
  14. Langdon House
  15. Waterfront -- Ceres Street
  16. Site of the Temple
  17. South Church
  18. South Ward Room
  19. People's Baptist Church
  20. 14-16 Market Street
  21. Navy Yard
  22. Rosary's Beauty Shop
  23. Rockingham House
  24. St. John's Parish Hall

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