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In Search of Blackbeard's Treasure
September 27, 2000
Part 1: Out to Lunging
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Lunging Island Journey 1

6 am comes early on a chilly Wednesday. When producer Mindy called from L.A. to ask along on a treasure hunt, we figured it had to be more exciting than a day on the Internet. Destination: Lunging Island on the Isles of Shoals - a place we've never been!

Lunging Island Journey 2

Back out to the shoals so soon? This time we boarded the Uncle Oscar with our a camera crew from Digital Ranch shooting a documentary for the History Channel. With us is a team of geologists from Hager -Richter Geoscience. The goal - to search for bars of silver reportedly left by the pirate Blackbeard.

Lunging Island Journey 3

A rolling sea makes it hard to get into the natural cover at Lunging, a privately owned island and one of only four New Hampshire locations on the Shoals. Four times the skiff was loaded with crew, equipment and a generous portion of snacks and drinks before we all made it ashore led by Captain Pete of Rye. Lunging is technically in the town of Rye, NH, although it is six miles out to sea.

Lunging Island Journey 4

Lunging is built like exercise dumbbells with two bulbous ends and a thin neck of land between. This was the targeted spot. Island owner Prudy Randall, now in her 80s, had always heard tales that Blackbeard arrived here in the early 1700s. That's her summer home "Honeymoon Cottage" in the distance. She spoke with Portsmouth director Richard Baron, who conceived the hunt.

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Disposable images and text by J. Dennis Robinson
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