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JPJ Reviews the Troops in Portsmouth
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John Paul Jones Wax Figure

Back in Mrs. Purcell's boarding house again after more than 200 years out of town, John Paul Jones settled right into reading a book about his famous voyage on the Ranger. The life-like Dorfman figure is now part of the display at the Portsmouth Historical Society.

A kiss with John Paul Jones

Captain Paul always had a way with the ladies. Here the Chevalier is welcomed back to the John Paul Jones House Museum by a member of the board of directors, Dr. Maryellen Burke. PHS trustee June Rogers came up with the idea to bring Jones home and Nancy Cook of South Berwick, ME sewed his new uniform for the occasion. Bow Street Software and Piscataqua Bank assisted in purchase of the figure.

John Paul Jones reviews the troops

Coincidentally the naval hero returned on Memorial Day and it seemed only fitting that he take this chance to review the troops during a local parade. Jones sat in his favorite chair and seemed less interested in talking with docents and tourists than in surveying the passing military display.

John Paul Jones and the flag

As troops bearing the American flag passed the house, practically unchanged since his last visit in 1782, Jones (in the background) gazed in pride. He seemed to be recalling that famous day off the coast of Brest France where he had displayed the first official American flag seen in foreign waters for a nine-gun salute.

John Paul Jones and Vietnam Vets

"Things have certainly changed around Portsmouth," Jones remarked as a group of Viet Nam veterans motored by. But in the long run, he agreed, for a man without a country, and a citizen of the world, "It's good to be home."

Disposable photos by J. Dennis Robinson
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