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Town  Portsmouth, NH
Date  1600s-1800s
Author  Pamela & Melanie Keene with Kevin Auger

gloss Located on the point of land just before the Pierce Island Bridge, Point of Graves Burial Ground is home to many prominent figures in our city's history, such as the Wentworth family, the Vaughan family, The Rogers, and the Lears. The graveyard was first recognized as a burial-ground when in 1671 Captain John Pickering 2d agreed the town should "have full liberty to enclose about half an acre upon the neck of land on which he liveth, where the people have been wont to be buried, which land shall be impropriated forever unto the use of a burying place." The earliest readable gravestone in this burial-ground is dated at 1684 and marks the resting place of John Hoddy. An old graveyard, Point of Graves Burial- Ground is host to a number of strange tales. Many a visitor to the old cemetery has stated that footfalls have been heard following closely behind, and a feeling of some unearthly presence has also been imminent. The Vaughan tomb, which lies at the severe west of the small cemetery, is the home of many strange occurrences. While the tomb may look peaceful to the naked eye, strange lights and an odd glow have shown up on the film with which the tomb was photographed. While no explanation has been given, could it be the presence of the long-departed still with us?

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