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Why Archeology?

dig site NH has a lot of history worth saving. Every archeological 'dig' unearths more pieces of our puzzling heritage, from the last Ice Age to our very recent past. How did Native Americans live here 10,000 years ago? Where did they go? What was NH like for early European colonists? How has life changed in the Granite State? Archeology lets us glimpse our world in very different times. By doing so, it also tells us a great deal about who we are today.

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If you are 16-96 years old, SCRAP is your chance to help discover unknown bits of NH's past. NH was the first state in America to mandate education for avocational archeologists. That means NH is committed to preserving its history by putting trained people, people just like you, into the real world of archeology. With your help, SCRAP can locate, study and preserve sites that might otherwise be lost or destroyed. The more you know about archeology, the more you can help.

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Scrap Training & Certification

SCRAP has already trained and certified over 400 participants since 1978. These people have donated over 9,000 hours of work in the field and in the lab. The more people we train, the more history we can preserve. That is the heart of the program.

SCRAP participants earn certificates. The goal is not to train professional archeologists. NH colleges and universities do that very well. SCRAP is building an army of enthusiastic "soldiers" of historic preservation. SCRAP offers NH a fighting chance to save as many sites as possible in the battle against growing land development and shrinking time and resources. The full training program includes a total of 14 workshops in two levels. They include beginning and advanced programs in:

  • Excavation*
  • Background research*
  • Interpretation
  • Site survey*
  • Laboratory
  • Conservation
  • Education
* These areas also offered in underwater archeology through Plymouth State University.

Stay Tuned
This web page has been authorized by the NH Division of Historical Resources. We will Look for details of the 1997 SCRAP field school excavation upcoming.

Photo courtesy NH Div.of Historical Resources.
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