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Lincoln and Tad Every region of the country seems to have its own special ties to Abraham Lincoln. In Seacoast, NH we have many. Lincoln's son Robert Todd, for example, attended Phillips Exeter Academy, putting the region on the campaign trail. Secondly, Lucy Hale of Dover was fiancée to John Wilkes Booth at the time of the assassination. The Internet is a rich mine of material on both Lincoln and his death. Here are the ones we selected just for you. -- JDR

Read "The Day Lincoln Died Again"
See Also "The New Dying Words of John Wilkes Booth"
See our photo tour of Ford's Theater

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Abraham Lincoln Online

Lincoln Links

Lincoln Online Latest Lincoln Events

Watch Dedication of Virtual Lincoln Collection
On TV (or listen on audio) on Your Computer!

  From Library of Congress with $1 million grant
(Scroll ahead on RealAudio to see Lincoln speech)

Images of Mr & Mrs Lincoln
  From Library of Congress

The Lincoln Gallery new

Chronology of Lincoln's Life

Lincoln Birthplace Site #1
Lincoln Birthplace Site #2

Lincoln Log Cabin

Lincoln Boyhood Home National Park

Tour of Petersburgh, IL Where Lincoln Was Young Man

Is This a Young Lincoln?

Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library

Lincoln Museum, Indiana

History Place Lincoln Profile

Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL

Lincoln Memorial Homepage

Lincoln Tomb, IL

Key Civil War Websites

American Civil War Homepage

Abraham Lincoln Bookshop

Key List of Lincoln Books

Complete ALO Book List on Lincoln

Fictional Books Based on Lincoln

Lincoln's Own Yarns and Stories

Who Played Lincoln in the Movies?

The Abraham Lincoln Association
& Collected Online Works of Lincoln

Knox College Lincoln Studies

Lincoln Forum Research Center

Lincoln Research Site

Libraries & Museums with Lincoln Collections

Lincoln Sculptures & Images

Gettysburg Address on the Internet
from Library of Congress

The Lincoln Herald

People Who Portray The Lincolns

Lincoln Collectibles

Collecting Lincoln

Abe Shopping at

Hildene, Home of Robert Todd Luncoln

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John Wilkes Booth (These links will take you off our site. Press BACK to return to and bookmark this page) Tour of Ford's Theater

Quick Summary in Pictures

Artifacts of Assassination new

Virtual Library Assassination of Lincoln

Ford's Theater & Peterson House Homepage

The Day Lincoln Was Shot: 1998 TV Movie Website includes

Surratt House Museum

Dr. Mudd House Homepage

Lincoln Assassination Site

Assassination of President Lincoln
& the Trial of the Assassins

The Web of Conspiracy Over the Assassination

Assassination Bibliography

Map of the Alley Booth Used to Escape

Death of Booth

On the Track of Assassin JWB

In Search of the Real JWB

NEW BOOK: Curse of Cain: Untold Story of JWB

NEW BOOK: JWB & the Civil War

Booth Short Bio on Washington Tour Site

Booth: Whole Story on One Page (takes time to load)

Official Report of Capture of JWB

Booth's Grave

Report on the Identification of Booth's Body

Exhibition of Booth's Mummified Corpse
Picture of "Mummy"

Was JWB Pickled Body Really on Display"

Did Booth Escape? Theories from Supposed FBI Files

JWB, The Video Biography

Victor Garber Plays JWB in
Stephen Sondheim play "Assassins"

Complied by J. Dennis Robinson
© 1999

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