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Theodore Too Tugs into Portsmouth
August 2000

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Theodore Too Tugboat Imagine the surprise of summers-end tourists driving across Memorial Bridge between Kittery ME and Portsmouth NH recently. There, big as life, was TV personality Theodore Too - all full 65-feet of him in the familiar red baseball cap. The wooden hand-built tugboat was created in Nova Scotia and launched April 2000 and is a scaled-up version of the Canadian television show character. Thanks to the efforts of The Tugboat Store on Ceres Street, the amazing floating storybook character made its very first American port of call in Portsmouth, NH. Theodore docked directly behind the historic John Wannamaker tugboat, now a restaurant, to the delight of visiting children. We heard this conversation between a father and son on Memorial Bridge, looking down on the colorful boat.

DAD: See the big tugboat?
SON: Yes, it's Theodore.
DAD: It's a real tugboat.
SON: No, it isn't dad. Theodore is just a story.
DAD: Yes, but this Theodore is real!
SON: No dad. It's just a story.
DAD: But THIS one is...
DAD: OK, you win.

Theodore the Tug Scrapbook
August 26 & 27, 2000

Theodore Too Tugboat
Theodore Too Tugboat
Theodore Too Tugboat
All pictures by J. Dennis Robinson
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