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star island ledges Hop aboard the
ferry and visit Star
Island in 1910

Visitors to the New Hampshire seacoast are often surprised to find a single ferry is their only means of reaching the nine famous Isles of Shoals. But that is part of the magic. The ferry stops only at Star Island, as it has for a century. The Oceanic Hotel there is practically unchanged, as is the old Gosport Church, the John Smith monument and the Rev. Tucke obelisk. The rugged scenery itself is as it has been for centuries, long before the first European settlers arrived.

By the turn of the 19th century the original hotel on Appledore nearby was gone, as was the "island poet" Celia Thaxter who made these islands so well known. Tinted photographs on penny postcards were the hottest new technology. These images are from the collection of Sharon Stephan. If you have images relating to the Isles of Shoals or Celia Thaxter, Ms Stephan would love to hear from you. (click here)

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For More Information
We Suggest These Books:

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    A Turn of the Century
    Star Island Postcard Gallery

    (Click on thumbnails for full-sized
    image and description of each card.)

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    Image 7 Image 8 Image 9
    Image 10 Image 11 Image 12

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    All images courtesy of Sharon Stephan
    from her Isles of Shoals collection.
    © 1998

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