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Star Island photo

We spent an entire week just sitting in this chair recently, but there's a lot more to Star Island's Oceanic Hotel than beautiful scenery and fresh air.

Star Island photo

These are migrant birds, "pelicans" to be precise. That's what they call the young summer help on Star. They hide all around the island, making beds, delivering hot water to rooms, moving suitcases. This flock is peeling potatoes for the evening meal in the restricted kitchen area. They also provide an interesting talent show for the resident hotel "Shoalers" that is not to be missed.

Star Island photo

Maintaining a hotel on an island for more than a century means making do with what you can get. Many kitchen items came out to the Isles from the defunct Wentworth-by-the-Sea hotel. This counter looks suspiciously like what it is - an old wooden bowling alley. Our tour guide is outgoing (that is, "about to retire") Oceanic hotel manager Tony Codding who has been doing the impossible 15 summers for the Star Island Corporation.

Star Island photo

Strict adherence to the rules is vital on this island. This sign in the Pelican Lounge in the basement was discovered on the milk machine. It must be obeyed.

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