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Once again we've been beachcombing for tiny bits of the Shoals on the expansive Internet. Here's what we found. Send any cyber bits you find or notify us of broken links at We aim to be the online Grand Central of Shoaliana. Note: Most links here go off so please press BACK to return. You will come back! You will come back!

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Isles of Shoals Hotlinks
New and Improved in 2000 (NEW)

drawing of Hotel Natural History Conferece (& lots of history) New Item

Incredible Shoals History Archive New Item

Star Island Conference on the Arts
Updates on the latest summer

Weather on the Shoals
Check current conditions right now

Our own dedicated Time Capsule section

Yup, us againm with the TRUE story behind "Weight of Water"

Official Star Island Homepage
Go here first for info on staying overnight Star Island

Isles of Shoals Steamship Company
Cruises, ferry, history tours, stop-over and more -- the only ferry out

The Fisherman of Appledore
Folklorist Virginia Marin writes about her Isles ancestor Phillip Babb

Shoals Marine Lab
The official homepage of the summer marine biology program run by Cornell University and UNH

Isles of Shoals Tour
Clear easy tour of the Isles by Simmon's student

Star Island Info
Courtesy of the annual Natural History Conference on Star

White Island Lighthouse
Everything you need to know from Jeremy D'Entremont

Life on a Star
The unofficial web page for island conference visitors

Washington Post Tour of the Shoals
Even the "big" publications know their way home

Anita Shreve's "Weight of Water" Study Guide
Currently being adapted to film by producer Oliver Stone

Order Shoals Books from Amazon
Among the Isles of Shoals
Gosport Remembered: The Last Village at the Isles of Shoals
Island Queen : Celia Thaxter of the Isles of Shoals
The Isles of Shoals : A Visual History
Sprays of Salt
Poems of Celia Thaxter
Out on the Shoals
Lady-Ghost of the Isles of Shoals

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Celia Thaxter Hotlinks
New and Improved in 1999 (NEW)

Photo from Sandpaper by Rosamond Thaxter
Courtesy Peter Randall Publishing

Celia Thaxter Note: Most links here go off
so please press BACK to return to us

Our own section devoted totally to Celia and her friends

Visiting Celia's Garden
Official Marine Shoals Lab info on the historic garden

Celia Thaxter's House in Newton, Mass
From "Places Where Women Made History", National Register

Celia of Appledore
History by a Simmons student, nicely presented

White Island Light History
This Coastal Productions summary is heavily Celia

Paintings of Childe Hassam
Includes images of Celia's garden and Celia herself

An Island Garden Book Reprint
Houghton-Mifflin site promoting re-issue of Celia's popular book

Celia in the Archives
UNH Special Collections listing of Thaxter resources

Julia Older's Celia
Maine Today article on author of two Celia books

Island Book Reviews
Combines review of Older and Shreve Isles books

Jane Vallier Promotes Celia from Iowa State Univ
She chose Celia over Emily Dickinson

The Ghost of Appledore
Essay by Internet folklorist Virginia Marin

Celia Books in Print from Peter Randall
"Poet on Demand" by Jane Vallier
"The Poems of Celia Thaxter" edited by Jane Vallier
"Among the Isles of Shoals" by Celia Thaxter

Order Celia books from Amazon
An Island Garden

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