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Smuttynose Murder Articles List

My Night on Smuttynose by Sarah, Age 9    New Icon


Why the Movie Bombed, but is Worth Seeing  

Critics Weigh In on "Weight of Water" Movie

 The "Weight of Water" Movie Web Site  


Smuttynose 101: A Quick Murder Study
Start your research here with our unique cram course
on the story behind "The Weight of Water"

Ax Smuttynose Weather Photos  

Ax Smuttynose Diaries: Part One
Smuttynose Diaries  Part Two

Ax Maren's Actual Testimony

Ax Interview with author of "With an Axe"

Ax Celia's Poem about Karen

Ax Anatomy of an Ax Murder
The complete summary
of the gruesome Isles of Shoals crime

Ax A Smuttynose Sunrise

Ax The Smuttynose Press Clippings

Ax Louis and OJ Beat the Media

Ax Chronicle Shoots Smuttynose

Ax And Now, The Smuttynose
Murder Ballet


Ax Unseen Painting of Hontvet House

Ax See Detailed 1873 Shoals Map
Ironically these maps were published in
1873, same year as Smuttynose tragedy

Ax I Met Louis Wagner!
An old Shoaler says the Smuttynose
murderer held him as a baby in 1870s

Ax Wreck of the Seguntum (poem)
A tragedy on Smuttynose 60 winters before
the murders. Read Celia's account too.

Ax Death on Smuttynose 1813
Sixty years before Louis Wagner,
more than a dozen died here. Or did they?

Ax Smuttynose Fever Spreads
The editor tells who he believes is guilty
as the story spreads like a bad cold

Ax Dagger Found in 1904
Re-discovered article raises more
questions about that fateful night

Ax Did Louis Really Do It?
A summary of the top conspiracy theories
in the crime that just won't die

Ax A Memorable Murder
Island poet Celia Thaxter wrote this lengthy
account for Atlantic Monthly in 1875

Ax The Ballad of Louis Wagner
The complete lyrics of the moving ballad
by Portsmouth singer John Perrault

Ax Celia's Letter
Celia Thaxter was among the first on the scene
to hear Maren's horrific story the next day

Ax We Row to Smuttynose
We take a dory to Smuttynose for a disposable
camera tour of the infamous Isle


Ax Louis Considers Louis
Oscar winner Louis de Rochemont
never finished his killer movie

Ax Weight of Water
Anita Shreve's bestselling fiction is on
its way to becoming a Hollywood film

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All rights reserved.

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