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10,000 BC  Native Americans Occupy the Seacoast

1004  Vikings May Visit, But No Evidence

John Smith
1600s  Colonial Era

1603  Martin Pring Records First European Contact

1614  John Smith Visits the Piscataqua

1623  David & Amias Thompson Found NH

1630  Strawbery Banke Settled

1645  First African American Slave in Portsmouth 

1660   Townsmen Divide Up the Land 

1678   List of All Portsmouth "Tythingmen"

1682   Rock Throwing Devil & Witchcraft

1690  HMS Falkland Kicks off Shipbuilding History 

1696   Indian Attack on "The Plains


John Langdon

John Paul Jones
1700s  Revolutionary Era

1739  Ruth Blay Executed in Portsmouth

1741  Benning Wentworth Becomes NH Colony Governor

1745   4,000 Yankees Attack Canada at Louisbourg

1756  NH Gazette First Published 

1761   Flying Yankee Stage Coach to Boston

1765  Stamp Act Agent Run Out of Town

1774  Raid on Fort William & Mary

1775  NH Fights at Bunker Hill
1775  William Whipple Signs Declaration 

1776   Portsmouth Men Sign Loyalty Oath

1777  John Paul Jones Depart for France in Ranger
           George Fishley Joins the Revolution   

1782   Murder in Frenchman's Lane

1786   The Riot of 1786
            Tobias Lear Appointed Washington's Secretary

1789  George Washington Visits Portsmouth

1796  Ona Judge Staines Escapes to Freedom 

1798   Yellow Fever Strikes the


Daniel Webster

Celia Thaxter

Frank Jones
1800s  Industrial Era

1800  America's First Private Federal Shipyard Opens

1801  John Langdon First NH President

1803  Daniel Webster Moves to Portsmouth

1808   Artist Thomas P. Moses Born

1809    Fort Consitution Explodes

1812   Isaac Hull Defeinds City from British

1813  Third Devastating Downtown Fire

1823  First Historical Celebration

1835  Celia Thaxter Born in Portsmouth

1836  Original NH State House Torn Down

1845  Shipyard Workers First Strike

1847   Unitarian Protests Mexican War

1848   Portsmouth Whaling Era Sinks

1855  First US Naval Photos Show "Old Ironsides" Here

1856  President Franklin Pierce Visits

1860  Celia Thaxter publishes "Land-locked"

1862   Frederick Douglas Gives Lecture

1864  USS Kearsage Defeats Alabama in Civil War

1869  Charles Brewster's "Rambles" Published
1869  "Story of a Bad Boy" Published

1873  Smuttynose Murderer Flees Portsmouth

1874  Wentworth-by-the-Sea Opens Big Hotel Era

1876  1st Portsmouth Tourist Guide by Sarah Haven Foster

1888   Civil War Monuments Dedicated

1895  'Old Town by the Sea' Published


Portsmouth Madam

Betty and Barney Hill

Naval Yard patch
1900s  Modern Era

1902  Ale Tycoon Frank Jones Dies

1905  "Treaty of Portsmouth" Signed Here
1905  Henderson's Point Blown Up

1907  Mark Twain Dedicates 1st Historic Museum

1912  Red Light District Closes 

1920   Portsmouth Historical Society Opens

1923  Memorial Bridge Links Kittery & Portsmouth

1939  Squalus Submarine Disaster

1945  WW2 German U-Boats Surrender Here

1949  "Lost Boundaries" Filmed in Portsmouth

1961  Betty Hill First Alien Abductee

1969  Urban Renewal Takes "Little Italy"

1974   Aristotle Onassis Refinery Flops 

1975   Emilio's Market Opens 

1980  Market Square Renovation Rolling

1985    USS Albacore from Sea to Land 

1997    SeacoastNH.com Comes Online

1998  375th Anniversary Celebration
           Esther Buffler First Poet Laureate

2000  200th Anniversary of Navy Yard
2000  Black History Trail Open

2001    Privateer Lynx Names Home Port

2002   Crack Discovered in White Island Lighthouse
            Portsmouth: Yesterday & Today -- 50 Pix   

2003    "Negro Burying Ground"  Discovered
           Wentworth Hotel Reopens


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