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smuttynose photo

Portsmouth ax murderer Louis Wagner rowed a 24 mile round trip here in the frigid winter of 1873 (click for Smuttynose Murder story). We instead cut more than 23 miles off the journey by starting from Star Island. Here the author struggles a manly few hundred yards across Gosport harbor on a balmy September day. In this shot the author is off course and heading for Appledore.

smuttynose photo

The breakwater in the cove separating Smuttynose from Malaga. The breakwater was originally built, legend says, from two bars of pirate silver found on the island. Blackbeard's 14th wife reported walks these rocks waiting for John Perrault to write a ballad about her.

smuttynose photo

The editor paddles into Haley's Cove with the Haley House in the background. Isles historian Lyman Ruttledge assumes Wagner did not come in this way, but stashed his boat around the other side of the breakwater. He assumes this since, finding a boat in the cove, Maren might have escaped the island -- but didn't.

smuttynose photo

The restored Haley House which is not the Hontvet House (click for picture) or "murder house" as many people assume. That one burned a couple of years atter the murder having been ravished by 19th century tourists. This is, however, the house seen on the labels of Smuttynose Pale Ale, brewed in Portsmouth.


CLICK HERE for a much better picture of the Haley House taken by Peter Randall.

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Disposable photos by J. Dennis Robinson
© 1997

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