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Lear Family in room
Barbara Meyer leads a group of Lear family members through the home of their ancestor Tobias Lear in Portsmouth, NH. It was in this room that Lear's employer George Washington met with Lear's mother and sister in 1789. (Read "Washington Visits Portsmouth.") Nineteen members of the Lear family visited the house in a tour orchestrated by SeacoastNH.com and Harry Lear of Massachusetts. In this photo, Fanny Bassett, second of Lear's three wives, looks on. (Photo by Ralph Morang)
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Couple in room
Two members of the tour party study an old ledger. The Lear group included included six grandchildren of Frederick Davies Lear, born in Portsmouth in 1868. These members of the family are linked to Tobias Lear 2nd (there were five Tobias Lears in a row). The Tobias Lear who was secretary to President Washington had only one child and that Lear line ended with the death of Benjamin Lear's only daughter. (Photo by Ralph Morang)
Click for a photo tour of the house by Frank Clarkson

Ralph Morang
Photographer Ralph Morang gets ready for the big family photo. Reviving an interest in Seacoast history is a primary goal of this web site. The family learned about their ancestry and the Tobias Lear House was presented with a generous donation to its ongoing renovation by the Lear group. (Digital photo by J. Dennis Robinson.)
See Seacoast NH Gallery by Ralph Morang

Lear Family
Smile! The first Lears arrived in Portsmouth around 1640. This house was built around 1740. Members of this all-Lear group came from New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, New York and California. After this picture was taken, the group visited the grave of Lear ancestors just down the street at the Point of Graves. (Photo by Ralph Morang)

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1999 SeacoastNH.com and Morang Photo
Lear family portrait used by permission of the Lear Family.
Other images courtesy of Ralph Morang Photography.

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