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Wentworth by the Sea is currently being renovated! Ocean Properties, a Portsmouth, NH company plans to re-open the 1874 hotel by Spring 2003. The hotel closed 20 years ago, and for the last decade the Friends of the Wentworht, a nonprofit agency, wokred to find a new owner. We've been following the sotry here, and will continue by linking to local newspaper articles.

Since newspaper links change, we have removed past links. But for researchers, we've left the headline and date.

Click here to see our online articles and photos pertaining to the old hotel.

Wentworth by the Sea

Latest Online News Reports

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Book will tell tales of hotel history
Portsmouth Herald, November 24, 2002

Wentworth by the Sea taking reservations
Click directly to new hotel web site

Portsmouth 1905 Treaty to be subject for 2005 celebration
Portsmouth Herald, June 1, 2002

Wentworth by the Sea vision now a reality 
Hampton Union, Janueary 2002

Now that the hotel is in good hands and re-opening in 2003, we've disconnected years of links below. Since newspaper links often change, those who want to search online should go directly to the local newspapers and use their SEARCH engines to find these and other past article. You can link directly to Fosters and the Herald by clicking the logo at the top of our daily news page .

Grand hotel returning to its turn-of-the-century glory
Portsmouth Herald June 10, 2001

Wentworth by Sea waiting game
Portsmouth Herald April 1, 2001

Board approves Wentworth renovations
Portsmouth Herald November 30, 2000

New Castle planners OK renovations
to Wentworth By the Sea Hotel

Fosters Online, November 30, 2000

Wentworth By the Sea Hotel permit up for vote tonight
Fosters Online November 29, 2000

Green light likely for Wentworth project
Portsmouth Herald November 23, 2000

Five more arrested for breaking
in to Wentworth By the Sea
Portsmouth Herald October 31, 2000

New Castle hopeful about Wentworth renovations
Fosters Online September 4, 2000

Update of hotel project planned
Portsmouth Herald August 9, 2000

State to relocate 1B for Wentworth
Fosters Online July 16, 2000

Shaheen supports $4 million in aid to hotel
Fosters Online July 11, 2000

Wentworth hotel redevelopment a
concern of New Castle Fire Department
Fosters Online June 29, 2000

Hotel developer 'ready to go'
Portsmouth Herald June 16, 2000

Hotel plans moving full-speed ahead
Portsmouth Herald May 25, 2000

Selectmen should place all Wentworth demands on table
Portsmouth Herald May 5, 2000

Hotel plans still on hold
Portsmouth Herald May 4, 2000

Letter arrives in nick of time
Portsmouth Herald May 3, 2000

Questions linger about gambling
at the Wentworth By the Sea Hotel
Fosters Online March 8, 2000

Wentworth deadline passes without letter
Portsmouth Herald May 2, 2000

Wentworth deadline near
Portsmouth Herald April 27, 2000

Last attempt to save the Wentworth?
Portsmouth Herald April 2, 2000

WBS may open by 2001
Fosters Online March 9, 2000

Wentworth may reopen by summer of 2001
Fosters Online March 8, 2000

Neighbors still betting against hotel gambling
Portsmouth Herald, November 18, 1999

Wentworth gets funding
Portsmouth Herald, October 1, 1999

Editorial: Wentworth group serves nobody by going to court
Portsmouth Herald, September 21, 1999

Group votes on hotel
Portsmouth Herald, September 9, 1999

Wentworth issue splits neighbors
Portsmouth Herald, August 6, 1999

New Castle selectmen discuss periwinkle complaint
Fosters Online, August 6, 1999

Wentworth Plans Move Forward
Portsmouth Herald, August 5, 1999

Saving Wentworth-By-The-Sea Hotel is far from a done deal
Fosters Online, August 5, 1999

Condo owners file for arbitration
Fosters Online, August 5, 1999

Ocean Properties deserves support on the Wentworth
Portsmouth Herald, August 2, 1999

Many ponder Wentworth's future plans
Portsmouth Herald, August 1, 1999

Wentworth-by-the-Sea Hotel supporters are happy, cautious
Fosters Online, July 28, 1999

Wentworth-By-The-Sea supporters are happy, cautious
Fosters, July 28, 1999

Wentworth hotel deal complete
Portsmouth Herald, July 27, 1999

Wentworth-By-The-Sea deadline extended again
Fosters Online, July 13, 1999

State tax credit boosts Wentworth-By-The-Sea Hotel
Fosters Online, July 9, 1999

Counsel for Wentworth-By-The-Sea Hotel
insists company is trying to please
Fosters Online, July 9, 1999

Wentworth matter has residents up in arms
Portsmouth Herald, July 8, 1999

Advisory Board not agreeing to
Wentworth-By-The-Sea conditions
Fosters Online, July 7, 1999

EDITORIAL: It's what's missing:
The odds aren't posted on the Wentworth
Fosters Online, July 7, 1999

Wentworth saga continues
Fosters Online, July 7, 1999

Local fights hotel purchase
Portsmouth Herald, July 6, 1999

Advisory Board not agreeing to
Wentworth-By-The-Sea conditions
Fosters Online, July 6, 1999

Wentworth-By-The Sea Hotel deadline extended
Fosters Online, July 1, 1999

Wentworth faces July 1 deadline
Portsmouth Herald, June 22, 1999

Locals speculate on outcome of
Wentworth-By-The-Sea negotiations
Fosters Online, June 29, 1999

Editorial: Compromise on gambling winning bet for New Castle
Portsmouth Herald, May 14, 1999

Many made progress happen on the Wentworth restoration
Portsmouth Herald, May 13, 1999

Crowded New Castle Town Meeting
votes down gambling at Wentworth By-the-Sea Hotel
Fosters Online, May 12, 1999

Local: Voters hold chips on gambling
Portsmouth Herald, May 12, 1999

New Castle OKs $1.22 million budget;
voters approve all other
Fosters Online, May 12, 1999

Gamester returning to New Castle Board of Selectmen
Fosters Online, May 12, 1999

The Green Co. should follow through and save Wentworth
Portsmouth Herald, May 11, 1999

Heated discussion on having gambling ban at Wentworth
Fosters Online, May 7, 1999

Opponents to gambling at Wentworth By-the-Sea
Hotel are preparing now
Fosters Online, March 18, 1999

The Green Co. should follow through and save Wentworth
Portsmouth Herald, January 22, 1999

New life for Wentworth By-the-Sea
Fosters Online, January 23, 1999

Wentworth debut stuff of dreams
Fosters Online, January 15, 1999

Ocean Properties buys Maine hotel
Portsmouth herald, October 20, 1998

Group speculates on hotel problems
Portsmouth Herald, October 12, 1998

Wentworth foe keeping plan secret
Portsmouth Herald, August 5, 1998

Time to call it: It's the Wentworth's one last chance
Fosters Online October 10, 1997

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Photo from Wentworth Hotel under manager W H Hill, courtesy Friends of the Wentworth and the Portsmouth Athenaeum
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